Zees is an ASMR app made for GibiASMR. I worked on a team to bring audience feedback & owner vision together into a single, cohesive experience.


Zees showcases ASMR artists in an exclusive ASMR community. Created by GibiASMR, the app provides a space for viewers to connect with and support their creators on a more personal level than mainstream social media. Zees also invites those new to the ASMR community to engage through a gamified experience, tutorials, and AI-recommended videos and artists.

Roles and Skills

  • Creative Direction
  • Visual Design
  • Experience Design
  • UI Design
  • UX Research


I worked on a team with four other designers to bring GibiASMR's vision to life. We worked closely with Gibi, her manager, and the development team to execute a vision that reflected her needs, her audience's wants, and the developers' abilities. As a team, we were responsible for user research, wireframe creation, establishing aesthetics, information architecture, and creating the final UI.

Balancing Voices

The premise for Zees was simple: to rebuild an existing app in a more user-friendly and attractive UI. Zees became a challenge when our team was forced to balance user feedback, developer skillsets, and owner visions with our own preferences and knowledge. We were forced to make some tough calls and challenged not only to design an app but to defend it as well.

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