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Teko builds data-driven bridges between disabled users and car manufactuers to empower inclusive design. Our team used product discovery methods to find these gaps with minimal design bias.

Solving for two sides of the same coin in one product.

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Disabled individuals make up fifteen percent of the world’s population, yet they face daily struggles finding independent, reliable transportation. When searching for their own accessible vehicles to own, disabled individuals report feelings of distrust in manufacturers and feel that their individual needs are not accounted for in mainstream practices. This distrust is rooted in fact: car manufacturers admit to a lack of inclusive and accessible design processes stemming from a lack of available data on disabled individuals. We know disabled populations are ready to share their information in exchange for inclusive transportation. Teko provides the infrastructure to connect data to delivery.

Listening to our user's voice and providing platforms.

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I served as the Project Lead for Teko. I led my team through a rigorous research and problem defintion process that contained multiple piviots and turns. In our commencement address at the end of this project, Amy Poehler accidentally summarized our design strategy in her notes on empathy. Poehler spoke about how we aren't trying to stand in somebody else's shoes anymore -- instead, we're finding ways to allow people to stand in their own shoes with pride and to be there for one another "walking each other home." Teko uses this philosophy by providing the infrastructure, platform, and pipelines for our disabled users to connect with car manufacturers.

Providing data transparency on both ends of the screen.

Image of Teko app on two phones.

As a data-driven business, Teko provides ultimate transparency and control to its user testers, giving testers confidence in their submissions and brand opportunities for promotion. User testers can see which brands are viewing their data points and how their responses are contributing to global product insights. Car manufacturers also have the opportunity to earn Teko Certifications to display and promote their inclusive design processes. Certifications are earned through data analysis, interaction on the platform, and certification-specific checklists. Manufacturers aren’t alone in this process, either -- our Teko Team of accessibility experts is ready for hire to personally analyze any certificate, process, or product.