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Sura helps users build careers through real-world skill and confience building activities. I led my team through an intensive, iterative methodology resulting in a set of production-quality prototypes.

Building confidence from the skills users already have.

Image of Sura app on two phones.

Sura is a digital frame and companion app that visualizes accomplishments over time and helps users practice speaking about those accomplishments, helping to quantify and improve confidence over time. Users can input their accomplishments into Sura’s frame display and watch them grow as their careers take shape. Users can then activate the practice mode, where Sura asks the user a set of questions about an accomplishment and presents data in real-time about the user’s perceived vocal confidence, helping the user to understand how to improve their communication skills. Users earn points by practicing which they can then redeem for promotional products such as shirts, mugs, and notebooks branded by Sura or their employer, helping them to materialize their progress and stay motivated over long periods of time.

Consulting experts to build business brands in layers.

Image of Sura app on phone.

I served as the Project Lead for Sura. I led the development and product strategy, including consulting a number of external resources and subject matter experts. These interviews gave Sura its edge as we continued to listen, ideate, and build in iterative layers -- creating a multi-faceted brand with a number of product channels.

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Targeting a core, stable stakeholder to create long-term success.

Image of Sura app on two phones.

We market Sura differently from our competitors by targeting employers first. Sura is a professional development tool that helps our users to feel more confident in their careers, including in the jobs they already have. As our users shift jobs, seek out jobs that provide Sura, and develop confidence in their skillsets, we believe employers who offer Sura will hold a competitive professional development edge against competing employers. Sura’s long-term outcomes also help employers to reduce turnover, increase productivity, and build confidence within their existing organizational structures.