Project Managemnet

Project management is the process of planning, tracking, and sharing tasks and deliverables for a team or project.

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What do you do as a project manager?

As a project manager, it’s my job to ensure the defined scope and features are communicated to and completed by the development team. This can include everything from collecting assets like mockups to creating tasks to compiling reports and case studies. I also consider myself the “protector” of the development team -- it’s my job to make sure their needs are met and that their deadlines are realistic. I implement Agile methodologies through both Kanban and Scrum frameworks to ensure the product is completed on time, under budget, and in response to fast-changing markets.

What methodologies, software, and strategies do you use?

As a project manager, I know there is no one-size-fits-all approach to management. There is no single framework that works best for every team. Generally, I stick to Agile methodologies and use Kanban and Scrum frameworks. This allows me to not only satisfy stakeholders by providing constant, iterative updates to the product, but also allows the developers to take ownership in their work and maintain productivity through realistically crafted deadlines.
In the past, I have managed projects in everything from a sketchbook, to whiteboards, to Google Drive, to the Atlassian suite. I believe any combination of online and offline tools that facilitate communication and allow traceability can be used to successfully manage a project. It’s not about the software you use; it’s about how you use it.

What does your sketchbook look like?

What do you value as a project manager?

  • Communication

  • Transparency

  • Collaboration

  • Iterative Processes

What impact does project management have on projects?

My case study on CSA360 is a great example of the impact good project management can have on a project. Through clearly-written communication of expectations and a re-organization of our workflow and project management tools, I was able to regain control of our development team to help them meet deadlines for the first time.

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