Product Managemnet

Product management is the process of defining, prioritizing, and communicating the features of deliverables to be executed by the development team.

What do you do as a product manager?

I manage a delicate blend of internal needs, marketplace anticipation, and feature requests to create the perfect balance that satisfies our users while maintaining an edge against our competitors. I communicate across all departments and teams of the project -- including users and consumers -- to gain a complete understanding of the team’s values, status, and needs.

What does your process look like as a product manager?

When given a task as a product manager, I follow the following steps:

  1. Confirm: Expectations, goals, and deadlines
  2. Research: Prepare for deliverables and communicate with those affected
  3. Create: Prepare the deliverables for review
  4. Share: Collect feedback from the team
  5. Revise: Adjust the deliverables based on feedback
  6. Present: Share the final deiverables with the team

For a task such as “define the next sprint’s scope,” I would (1) learn when we need the scope ready by, (2) what our goals are for the sprint, (3) work alongside developers to define a manageable scope, (4) share the scope with developers and the product owner, (5) revise based on feedback, then (6) present the final scope to the team.

What does your sketchbook look like?

What do you value as a product manager?

  • Communication

  • Transparency

  • Collaboration

  • Iterative Processes

What impact does product management have on projects?

My case study on CSA360 is a great example of the impact good product management can have on a project. By organizing the backlog, re-prioritizing tasks, stabilizing the scope, and communicating expectations clearly, I was able to regain control of our team and create positive motivation for our project.

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