Planit is a multi-device platform that breaks the procrastination cycle by combining the procrastination-fighting power of organization with a community that builds confidence and increases motivation. Our team found a way to make planning fun and engaging, even for unmotivated people.


Planit combines organizational task management tools with a community that helps users to build confidence and mitigate emotional factors. Plant’s task management system is designed to give unmotivated people easy, fun ways to create, manage, and complete tasks. Tasks, organized into Task Lists, can be viewed in a list, board, or agenda. This is combined with Communities, which are both public and private friend groups. Users can share Posts, Tasks, Task Lists, and Badges with their Communities. These two systems -- Planning and Community -- are combined with the power of information visualization in the Dashboard, reminders, Badges, and a fun, engaging theme to make users motivated and excited about task management.


  • Project Lead
  • Creative Direction
  • UX Research
  • Visual Design
  • Branding
  • Presenting


I served as the Project Lead for Planit. As the Lead, I guided my team through the design process and handled task delegation, communication, and creative direction. As the lead, it was my responsibility to make tough calls to push our team further and create the best possible design. Some of my direct responsibilities included slide decks, presentations, branding, interface design, and final deliverables.

Designing an Ecosystem

Planning and procrastination affects people in all aspects of their lives -- not just at their desk. This is why Planit spans across three devices: a wearable, like an Apple Watch, a mobile device, like a phone or tablet, and a web app. Each device in the Planit ecosystem serves a unique purpose. The wearable gives users a quick at-a-glance view of their day and upcoming tasks; the mobile device builds upon that with more task creation and management views and adds the community; and the web app adds a final layer of information visualization and more ways to view your tasks. No matter what device you’re on, Planit’s unique space theme and reward system are always by your side.

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