nodMD is a telemedicine platform that empowers patients with timely access to specialty providers. I used Agile and LEAN to bring organization, focus, and hustle to a complex and nuanced experience.


nodMD has revolutionized the telemedicine experience by giving patients and facilities on-demand access to specialty providers. The quickly-growing platform includes video and phone calling, scheduling, charting, diagnostic tools, file management, and more. I implemented Agile project management and LEAN UX design to jumpstart progress on a previously stagnant team.


  • Agile Project Manager
  • Product Direction
  • UX Design
  • Knowledge Base and Service Desk Management
  • User Story Ideation & Creation
  • Backlog Management
  • Market/User Research
  • HIPAA Security/Compliancy Officer


As the Product Director, I oversee all production strategy and operation. My main responsibilities include:

  • Designing and refining production processes
  • Creating and maintaining developer schedules
  • Writing user stories and developer tasks
  • UX leadership
  • Managing client success and support
  • Managing communications across teams
  • Backlog & feature management
  • Writing end-user documentation
  • Coordinating off-shore development

Project Management Methodology

When I joined nodMD in Feb. of 2021, the team had no documented product management strategy. Stakeholders and executives were frustrated by the delays of releases, which frequently happened without reason or explanation. There was no long-term focus or direction for the product's featureset or strategy. My first task was to construct a development methodology that empowered developers in their work while providing transparency to the rest of the team. Read the process book here.

After three short months on the team, I was able to implement not only a development strategy, but also to drive a workflow for all development and product direction. This resulted in two releases, including the release of two mobile apps, being deployed within 90 days -- the most recent release before these was deployed about five months prior. Our team has also made steady and increasing progress in defining new features using a defined and documented LEAN UX process. This has resulted in a higher level of transparency, communication, and motivation across both internal and off-shore teams.

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