Graphic Design

Graphic design is the process of establishing visual elements for branding, print materials, advertisements, and more.

What do you do as a graphic designer?

Graphic designers wear many hats during the day. As a graphic designer, I may start my day working with the sales team to create banners for trade shows, then pivot to the development team to help with branding for a new application, then shift to the marketing team to help design a pitch deck. It’s all about expressing information in easy, digestible formats.

What does your process look like?

Graphic design usually requires a high amount of tweaking and refinement with the client because visuals and aesthetics are a very subjective, personal subject. When working on a new project, my process looks something like this:

  1. Learn: Who is our audience? Who is our client? What aesthetics are they striving for?
  2. Sketch: What are potential low-fidelity ideas we can generate?
  3. Share: Does the client like the direction so far? Which direction do they like the most?
  4. Refine: Using client feedback, how can we take this to the next level?
  5. Share, again: Does the client still agree? What final changes need to be made?
  6. Finalize: What can we do to create the best deliverable possible?

Steps 2 through 5 could go on infinitely. Before starting a new project, I usually ask my clients to rank cost, time, and quality in order of importance. It doesn’t mean anything will be left behind, but it means that I can make informed decisions that best fit the client’s needs. For example, if quality is the most important and time the least, I’ll do lots of iterations with the client to refine the logo. If time is the most important, I might do more up-front sketches to save time in the refining process.

What does your sketchbook look like?

What software do you use?

  • Illustrator

  • Photoshop

  • Google Drive

  • Indesign

  • Figma

What impact does graphic design have on projects?

Because graphic design extends to many departments of a project, it can have a huge impact on a project’s overall success. Everything from brand image and consistency to communication of sales information to the final product’s design is influenced by branding and graphic design. Well-informed decision making and intentional design lead to a smooth development process and a beautiful final product.

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