Fino is a shopping companion designed for FLUXathon Fall 2020 that gamifies shopping to help users make more sustainable clothing decisions.


Fino was created for the 24-hour design challenge FLUXathon. We were given the prompt “gamifying global good.” Fino combines transparent information with gamification to motivate users to make more informed, sustainable choices. Users can scan tags on clothing while shopping to get a full sustainability report on the item. Points can be earned by adding sustainable options to your wardrobe and wearing the clothing you already own, then points can be redeemed for coupon codes and discounts at sustainable brands.


  • Creative Direction
  • Project Lead
  • Public Speaking
  • Project Manager
  • Branding
  • User Experience Designer


FLUXathon challenges traditional user experience projects with a shortened 24-hour timeline. Because of this, my four-person team found ourselves taking on non-traditional collaborative roles. As a team, we had to tackle defining a problem space, designing and prototyping a solution, and presenting to a panel of judges in just under 24 hours. I was responsible for giving the final presentation.

Priortizing Timelines

One of the biggest challenges of a 24-hour design challenge is prioritization. We were forced to make tough choices: do we spend more time on UI or on research? In our presentation, should we focus on establishing a problem space or describing our solution?

At the end of the day, we placed the most emphasis on creating a well-rounded, well-defined product. This came at the expense of user testing and research, which would have strengthened our overall product. Situations like this are why I always identify the most important part of a project by ranking time, quality, and cost. In this case, time was the most important.

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