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Ease app on three phones.

Ease is a mobile and wearable UI that gives students and communication coaches data insights into public speaking. I led my team through a 6-day design challenge to create an application that empowers users with the skill of public speaking.

Teaching skills that anyone can build, not talent.

Image of Ease app on five phones.

Ease is used during the presentation practicing process. Its goal is to remove the fear surrounding public speaking by empowering the user with data. Created with SCADamp communication coaches, it presents data in four key categories -- Balance, Tone, Confidence, and Clarity -- to help the user understand not only what they do when presenting, but how it affects the quality of their work.

Practicing public speaking to help others build speaking skills.

Image of Ease app on three phones.

I serve as the Project Lead for Ease. As the Lead, I guide my team through all steps of the design process from research, to conceptualization, to production. I was also the sole presenter and pitched in workshops and judging rooms with industry professionals. The competition finished with a 10-minute pitch and Q&A in front of an audience of hundreds of peers and professionals.

Speed-running the user experience process.

Image of Ease app on five phones.

Ease was built as a part of a one-week design challenge. My team of 5 left the callout meeting on Friday afternoon. I gave the first round of final pitches the following Friday morning. This means all initial research, affinitization, conceptualization, and designing was done in about six and a half (long) days. Although the project has continued much beyond that week, it began as the product of tight deadlines and high pressure. Much more is on the way for Ease -- Startup 2020 was only the beginning.