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Image of CSA360 app on desktop computer with Alexa device.

CSA360 is an all-in-one physical security management solution. I implemented Agile techniques to empower and reconnect an overworked team plagued by miscommunications.

A 360-degree view of your data at your fingertips.

Image of person in security control center with multiple computers, TVs, and projectors displaying CSA360 app.

CSA360 is designed to streamline the security operations experience. It empowers users through streamlining complicated tasks, communicating their facilities' data, and providing a constant "360 view" of their team. I oversaw all development and product operations on the CSA360 team.

Driving outcomes through organizational change.

Image of CSA360 app on phone.

When I joined CSA360, the project was managed under a mix of Agile and Waterfall. I quickly got to work to stop the daily scope changes, to facilitate more effective communication, and to create an environment where all roles in the project were equally valued and protected. My leadership strategy empowers teams to create organization, trust, and real interpersonal connections, giving them the tools and motivation they need to create products that excite both stakeholders and customers.

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Wearing multiple hats to push through closing the gap.

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As I found in my case study, these changes rose the developers' efficiency by nearly 150%. Our new implementation of Agile and Scrum empowers our developers and brings fast results that stakeholders love. Although my job title was Director of Product Management, I executed creative solutions across all aspects of the company. Outside of managing the team, I also created trade show materials, email campaigns, sales sheets, and even YouTube tutorials. My creative problem-solving created data-driven results across departments, teams, and products -- not just in operations.