Benson is an artificial-intelligence companion that helps guide users through the airport experience.


Benson was desigend for IACT-315, Human-Computer Interaction. In this class, we were put into teams of 4 and given the word "conversation." Benson creates conversation with users at the airport, helping to replace an identified feeling of lonliness after saying goodbye to loved ones. His bubbly personality, expressed through both visuals and voice, provides the perfect companion for your airport journey.

Roles and Skills

  • Project Lead
  • Creative Direction
  • Research
  • Visual Design
  • Branding
  • User Testing


I served as the Project Lead for Benson, although the roles of the project were equally divided across team members. My main responsibilities included time and task management, presentations, slide deck creation, process book creation, and creative direction. Benson was a great experience in teamwork and team building -- I had the opportuinity to work with an amazing group that I continue to work with today.

UX Directions

My team defined three UX directions for Benson: dynamic interaction, multiple modalities, and anticipatory design. Each direction builds upon the last to create a consistent, holistic user experience. Benson exhibits dynamic interaction through his changing appearance and voice. These appearances fall into three categories: passive, engaged, and critical. Screens are categorized based on the priority of the information and the amount of interaction required. Next, multiple modalities describes the use of both voice and visuals to create a multi-modal system. Benson’s facial expressions, gestures, tone, and size work together to create one congruent message. Last, the term “anticipatory design” describes a user interface that is actively modifying the way information is presented to anticipate and adapt to a user’s needs. Our implementation of anticipatory design relies on eliminating excess information, streamlined communication, and Benson’s dynamic tone.

Although IACT-315 is an intro-level UX class, we were able to create a product that represented the entire design process. Our team identified an issue and designed for it -- leaving us with a valid solution to a real probelm.

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