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Atlier reduces waste by helping people complete DIY projects with the tools they already own. Our team found a way to take advantage of a thriving, niche group of people to find product-market fit.

Reducing consumption by reusing what we already have.

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Atelier is a free and open-source platform that connects builders and creators to reuse materials they already have in new DIY projects. Atelier removes barriers that prevent people from getting into DIY projects by providing transparent, up-front, and credible projects in an accessible manner. On the home page, users are able to explore or filter for a project to complete. They can see on each thumbnail the project skill level, duration, and viewer rating. Once in the video player, users can view side-by-side video instructions and written directions, including a detailed list of tools and materials. Additionally, users have access to the Atelier community in the comments section of each project where users can post questions, feedback, reviews, and photos.

Failing fast to find product-market fit.

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I served as the Project Lead for Atelier. I pushed my team to employ multiple research and discovery techniques to gain a deep understanding of our users. We didn't do this in a waterfall methodology: instead, our team developed ideas early and often, continously testing them using product hypothesis to learn quickly. This allowed us to create a product that met our users' exact needs within the 10-week course.

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Building busisness models, not just apps.

Image of Atelier app on two phones.

Atelier’s business model pulls inspiration from a number of places. As a free, open-source platform, Atelier draws from our community’s natural desire to “do good” and contribute to something larger than themselves. The platform was designed to help creators feel welcomed and open to post, encouraging users from all backgrounds to engage in the community and contribute to a growing library of knowledge. Additionally, like other do-good platforms such as GoFundMe and Wikipedia, Atelier relies on things like donations and merchandise sales to power its technology. Last, creators can take part in a social media-like creator program, allowing them to receive a portion of ad revenue.