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Alicia Silhavy giving a presentation in front of an audience.

Hi, my name is Alicia Silhavy. It’s great to meet you.

Using my understanding of human factors, design, and development, I empower teams with trust, communication, and the tools they need to deliver products that excite both stakeholders and customers.

“I have found her to be professional, articulate, and authentic. Alicia is dedicated, energetic, positive, and conscientious in whatever she undertakes. Her business knowledge impresses me as does her conviction to give her best to whatever she is working on.”

– Wendy M., Structure for Success

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ThriveDX (Formerly HackerU)

🏷️ Product Manager, Instruction
🗓️ August 2021 - Present

🏢 About the Team
ThriveDX teaches digital skills both B2C and B2B to a global student base. We are placing 1 million students into careers by 2030.

🥅 Position Goal
I served as the Product Manager for instruction, contributing to the instructor experience, hiring efforts, student experience, curriculumn management, and operations, to create the highest amount of learning as possible for our students.

💡 Strategies Used
Our team combined product strategies from Marty Cagan and Melissa Perri with user-centric design thinking. We employed a continuous design process in an Agile environment to think quickly and fail fast.

⛰️ Outcomes Driven
I’ve pushed forward two major inititives at ThriveDX, including payroll management updates and an instructor scheduling revamp. These initiatives are expected to reduce major costs by up to 10%, increase instructor NPS, and improve our overall instructor experience.

Additionally, I am leading an initiative to define, identify, and track what a great instructor is, and what impact that instructor’s metrics have on student learning, experience, and career placement. This initiative will be continous and iterative with a first deliverable due in Q2 2022.


🏷️ Product Manager, Security Officer
🗓️ Feburary 2021 - August 2021

🏢 About the Team
nodMD is a digital health platform offering better search criteria to help users find and see the right specialist quickly.

🥅 Position Goal
I served as the first Product Manager on this seed-stage team and strove to identify product goals, re-focus the team, and remediate previous blockers and delays. I also served as the HIPAA Security Officer and was responsible for obtaining our compliance approval.

💡 Strategies Used
I implemented modified Lean techniques to move the team from a waterfall methodology to a proactive management style. This transition required cross-functional collaboration to educate, mediate, and balance the new tools and techniques required to deliver consistently.

⛰️ Outcomes Driven
While at nodMD, I obtained our first HIPAA compliance seal of approval. I also helped to build the foundation of the nodMD health services platform, including external resource procurement, establishing design workflows and methodology, and product-lead workshopping sessions.


🏷️ Director of Product Management
🗓️ Feburary 2019 - February 2021

🏢 About the Team
CSA360 is an all-in-one security software solution for event and venue operations.

🥅 Position Goal
I oversaw all operations relating to the definition, design, and build of the product line. My position included product management, user experience design, Agile project management, customer success, and Atlassian administration.

💡 Strategies Used
I created an Agile strategy at the company, helping to re-unite our previously divided teams and iron out communication blockers. I also implemented Lean product strategy techniques to drive maximum results with minimum effort.

⛰️ Outcomes Driven
After implementing my Agile strategy, our engineering team’s overall efficiency rose by 41%. This allowed us to expand the platform rapidly, tranforming from a security incident management system to a full end-to-end solution, including guard post management, payroll and invoicing, scheduling, ticketing, and reporting.

Savannah College of Art and Design

🏷️ B.F.A, User Experience Design, Minor, Graphic Design
🏆 Summa Cum Laude

🏢 About the Program
The Savannah College of Art and Design’s UX program, created in collaboration with Google, combines art and science to teach students design methodology that brings the future of technology to today.

🥅 Learning Goal
As a life-long designer, I have held a passion for understanding the way people and things work. During my time at SCAD, I hoped to better define my process and understand how and when users guide my product direction.

💡 Classroom Experiences
At SCAD, I completed 10 user experience studio courses and 3 additional design challenges. These studios, in addition to my foundations courses, general education, and additional major requirements, guided me through the design process from start to finish. We experienced first-hand how to ideate within a problem space, implement user-driven discovery processes, then apply those insights to create a product with a feasible business model.

⛰️ Outcomes Driven
In addition to building my portfolio and achieving a number of design awards, my experience at SCAD has helped me to fill in gaps in my career. While many of my earlier positions taught me technical skills, project management, and communication, my academic background in user experience design has allowed me to fully grasp what user-driven discovery means and to apply this design thinking to my product management philosophy.

Archon Tech Strategies

🏷️ Product Consultant, User Experience Designer
🗓️ December 2017 - February 2021

🏢 About the Team
Archon Tech Strategies is a app-based startup incubator and accelerator that guides new products through the launching process.

🥅 Position Goal
My position included meeting with stakeholders and clients to understand product vision, working with cross-functional teams to transform vision into function, and creating end-to-end visual design, including user interface design and branding.

💡 Strategies Used
I focused on a human-centered design strategy and kept the users at the center of everything I did. Additionally, I worked with clients using neogiation and presentation skills to create the best app possible that continued to satisfy their vision.

⛰️ Outcomes Driven
Archon Tech Strategies successfully launched 9+ companies through their incubator program. Near the end of my tenure, the team was merged with Ceemless to continue to deliver innovative tech results.


🏷️ Creative Director, Acting Product Manager
🗓️ May 2016 - March 2018
🏢 About the Team
Communicode connected tech-savvy students seeking volunteer hours with local non-profit organizations in need of a 21st century revamp.

🥅 Position Goal
As creative director, I was responsible for all visual design and brand direction, including user interface design and responsiveness, branding design, and brand communications. I also contributed to engineering by building most front-end frameworks of my desgins.

💡 Strategies Used
As a part of an early-stage startup, much of my time was focused on identifying who our users were, what they needed, and how we could build products that met their needs. I leaned into our internal expertise to identify and share our audiences early, and to keep them at the center of our brand experience.

⛰️ Outcomes Driven
Communicode stemmed from a high school startup competition and during my tenure grew into a venture-funded corporation. I played an active role in building the product from scratch and marketing it to our users, stakeholders, and investors.


🏷️ Design and Development Intern
🗓️ June 2017 - August 2017
🏢 About the Team
Imavex is a marketing and website design agency bringing business to the web with a focus on fast, short-budget projects.

🥅 Position Goal
During my internship, I designed and planned development for a digital design database to help resolve internal communication blockers.

💡 Strategies Used
For the first time in my career, I worked cross-functionally to gather requirements, understand problems, and lean into internal expertise. I used this in an interative process to create a product plan adapted to the team’s existing flows.

⛰️ Outcomes Driven
While I’m not sure if the project outlived my tenure at the company, Imavex taught me my biggest strength that holds true today: using my combined understanding of business, design, and development, I am a product storyteller.


🏷️ Insructor, Graphic Designer
🗓️ June 2016 - July 2017

🏢 About the Team
Codelicious is a technology education company that began as a B2C operation developing and delivering technology curriculumn to kids ages 8 - 18.

🥅 Position Goal
I served as an instructor of graphic design, web development, and software development and developed and delivered curriculumn to our student base. I also served as a graphic designer, creating many of the company’s marketing materials and handling all website management.

⛰️ Outcomes Driven
During my time at Codelicious, I watched the early-stage company grow and develop its strategy. Today, Codelicious built upon the curriculum base I helped to build by adopting a B2B model and pivoting to deliver state-compliant technology curriculum to school systems.